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Our Laboratory Facilities

(and how they help you)
labWhat We Do

Virotec is your one stop shop analytical shop. We perform any analysis plus we sample, transport and report.

Take your own samples and send them to us. Or we can arrange sample delivery if required.

And upon completion, we can dispose of or return the samples to you.

Where Are Our Labs

Virotec’s own laboratory facilities are located around Australia.

We use state of the art equipment and for specialised applications, we outsource any analysis to the best facilities we can find.

Response Times

Where required, NATA certification is available. Typical analytical response times are:

NATA certified:                       3 – 5 days

General analyses:                   within 24 hours

Specialised analyses:             dependent upon the contaminant


Virotec analyses are 100% accurate. When analysed by independent third parties, not one of Virotec’s analyses has been found to be inaccurate.

But if you do have doubts, then let us agree on an independent third party to assess our results. Prove us wrong and we will pay for the costs of that analysis.


All reports are confidential and can be provided to you by email and post.


If you engage us on a project basis, then all analytical costs are included within the cost of the project.

Otherwise pricing is available upon request.