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Our Unique Technologies

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Safety LeadSmelter

Where others fail or can only partially help, Virotec can solve all of your remediation and environmental issues.

We do this for any organic and inorganic contaminants and our methodologies include:

  • soil stabilisation;
  • biological treatment; and
  • chemical neutralisation.

Many of our technologies are patented and trade marked have been derived and proven after many years of successful research and testing.

Key contaminant areas where we can help include:

Industrial Wastewater and Solids Treatment
  • removing heavy metals from industrial wastewaters and the immobilising of heavy metals in waste solids and sludge
  • removing and immobilising chromium from tannery wastewaters, sludges and solids
  • removing phosphate from industrial wastewater and reducing sludge volumes
  • removing CCA from runoff, wastewater and leachate ponds at timber preservation plants and immobilising CCA in waste solids, sludges and contaminated soil
  • removing objectionable odours from industrial wastewater and processes
Contaminated Site Remediation and Soil Treatment
  • immobilising heavy metals, volatile organic compounds such as PCE, TCE and intractable hydrocarbon derivatives like BaP in contaminated soils
  • remediating Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) and marine clays with the benefit of enhancing nutrient retention capacity and promoting plant growth
  • providing pH buffering and essential trace elements in agriculture to promote plant growth
  • destroying volatile organic compounds and other intractable hydrocarbon derivatives such as PCE, TCE and PAH in soil
Mining Waste Treatment and Site Remediation
  • treatment of mildly acidic (pH 6-8) water contaminated with heavy metals, particularly arsenic and selenium
  • treatment of acidic (pH 4.5-6) water contaminated with heavy metals
  • treatment of highly acidic (pH<4.5) water contaminated with heavy metals
  • treatment of sulphidic waste rock and soil
  • treatment of alkaline (pH>7) water contaminated with heavy metals
Municipal Wastewater and Biosolids Treatment
  • removing BOD, TSS, phosphorous, nitrogen, odours, heavy metals and algal and fungal blooms from liquid streams
  • improving the dewatering properties of sludge, reducing polymer usage, decreasing the moisture content in dewatered sludge and enhanced re-use properties of sludge cake
  • improving compost blends and retaining nutrients eg phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, for horticultural and agricultural use