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Financial Help to Make That Proposal Work

(and how to save you money)

Financial Proposals

Many businesses view environmental remediation as non core business that is better left to the technical and environmental departments to deal with. We have found that the prevailing view is that the less spent the better.

At Virotec, we view elements of your environmental remediation as core business and we provide you with the tools to determine what these elements are.

Involve Non Technical Personnel

On many occasions, the authorised officer signing off on any environmental remediation expenditure may be non-technical. Within many large corporations, there are Capex committees comprising representatives from a cross section of divisions who decides where that scarce Capex dollar is to be spent.

What we do is take the raw data and identify issues surrounding any actual or suspected environmental contamination that you may have.

We then provide you with appropriate information, analysis and modelling to assist you in quantifying your liability and to help you determine viable options to maintain a sustainable operation.

We Help Write Submissions and Proposals

We also help write short and long form proposals for presentation to the relevant decision makers.

Take the CFO – they might not understand technical jargon but they will understand a balance sheet and a financial proposal. What they want to see is the permanent elimination of liabilities from their balance sheet, improved profitability and a stay in business scenario.

So that a worthwhile project does come to fruition we can help organisations make that decision. We do this by providing in your businesses’ preferred format:

  • risk analyses – if it’s highly unlikely, you may not wish to proceed with a project
  • scenario planning
  • Capex submissions
  • financial analyses – including standard Pay Back Period, ROI and ROA
  • profitability determinations – if we can find a market for your waste, we will quantify the associated potential revenue, expenditure and loss of current expenditure and even act as your agent – sit back and take the money

Virotec acts as the conduit between your environmental personnel and the decision makers so that each understands the others’ language.

That way, all are aware of what the issues are, the potential risk associated with the relevant scenarios (one of which maybe to do nothing) and the potential to make money from your contamination issues.

A win-win situation for all.