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Government Liaison and PR

(We handle difficult situations)


Sometimes politics and interest groups can get in the way of doing business. With your environmental issues, Virotec acts with or as your public relations department – it’s your call.

We have excellent relationships with most government bodies and in particular the EPA. Many of our people have dealt with confronting groups and issues including the radical elements of the green movement and ultra noxious sites such as mercury and dioxin contaminated paper mills.

Our senior team are all trained in PR issues, including dealing with the media. But sometimes it can get too hot for us if it goes nationally or internationally viral. In that case we have linkages with the most respected PR firms around town who can assist.

We hold sacred, all of our client’s confidences as we are not your environmental police but rather, your remediation help. And just to make sure, we will enter into any Confidentiality Deed that you choose with appropriate penalties for any breaches.