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Technical Help and Advice

In providing technical help and advice, Virotec quantifies and qualifies what the problem is, as it’s better to give no advice than bad advice.

The expertise of our key personnel exceeds over 200 years and we have spent more than $30 M on research and development – so we know what we are talking about.

Usually our technical help and advice process follows a 6 step guide. We:

  1. ask you what your problem is
  2. ask you for relevant data and if non is available, we will collect samples and undertake a site audit
  3. analyse the samples
  4. compare the analytical results against legislation and environmental guidelines and standards
  5. determine a range of solutions for you – this could simply be lab scale testing or a treatability study
  6. provide treatment options

If you then want to proceed, we remediate or dispose of the problem. But if it’s a tricky problem, we may undertake a treatability study.

So from simple pH control to radioactive waste, we are your technical resource.