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Remove Your Fear of a Disaster

(and associated negative publicity)

Breached dam Spain

No one wants to have their name negatively splashed all over the paper for any environmental issue. Or have outraged pressure groups or the government crawling all over them.

We remove the potential for any environmental disaster after you decide on the acceptable risks for your environmental hazards. We will:

  1. enter into the strictest confidentiality agreements with you where there are contentious issues that you don’t want made public – we are not environmental police but your remediation help
  2. treat your highest risk projects first – this reduces the likelihood of an environmental issue occurring
  3. give you a list of options, including budget costs of full and partial treatments – you choose what you want to do and when; and
  4. remove any contaminants from you site, manage the EPA and dispose of them in accordance with EPA protocols.

If budgets are tight, treat those highest risk projects with the lowest costs first.

Dead fish resulting from incident at Sewage Works, UKWith our 100% track record, you can forget any fears of an environmental disaster.