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Your Remediation Costs Are Always Fixed

Fixed Costs

Many operators make unrealistic promises on when your site and waste remediation will finish and what the final cost will be.

At Virotec, if we provide the initial analysis then the analysis will be free. We will wear the risk and any subsequent cost of finding any unforeseen contaminants.

We will always remediate your site and remove your waste when we said we would and if we don’t deliver on time, then we won’t charge you.

More specifically:

  • we will guarantee in writing what we say we will do
  • we only charge if we deliver on the outcomes we agree on
  • if you doubt the findings of our initial analysis as being self serving or incorrect, then we can agree on an independent third party to assess the findings. If we are wrong, then we will pay for the costs of that independent third party; and
  • we guarantee our treatment results.
We will pay any EPA fines if we don’t deliver and we will indemnify you against any further prosecution penalties